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Treat The Cause of Pain

At Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center
We Treat The Cause of Pain

One of the most common reasons folks turn to chiropractors for help is pain, pain that is so strong it prevents proper movement and does not allow you to go through your day completing most normal activities. At Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center helping you to get rid of your pain is very important, we understand and sympathize with what you are experiencing.

It important to understand that there are two ways in which pain can be viewed, it can be seen as the main problem, one that becomes worse by focusing on it and all the our attention is on ridding ourselves of this pain. This is understandable, no one enjoys being in pain and looks for forms of relief.

That being said, the second approach is to find the cause of the pain, in the end the pain is not the problem, the pain is merely letting the body know there is a problem. This allows the focus to be shifted from the actual pain and be focused on why the pain is there to begin with. Even though at Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center we believe that it is important that we relieve the pain, we also understand that while treating the cause of pain must never be forgotten.

What Is Chiropractic?

dr. maryott rocky hill ctTo begin let’s give a brief explanation on what we as chiropractors at Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center do. We use hand-on spinal manipulation we may also combine with other alternative treatments to correctly align the body’s musculoskeletal structure, especially the spine. This allows the body to heal itself with the use of medications which can bring side effects and invasive surgeries.

By manipulating the musculoskeletal structure, mobility of the joints which has been restricted by injury to the tissue from repetitive stress, like sitting for long periods of time with no or improper back support, or a traumatic event such as an accident or fall etc. to be restored.

Chiropractic is a great alternative to pain relief in the muscles, bones, joints as well as the connective tissue such as tendons, ligaments and cartilage. There are times in which it may be necessary to use chiropractic practices along with more conventional forms of medical treatment.

How Will My Pain Be Treated By a Chiropractor?

The first step will of course to gather all the medical history, a physical examination will be thoroughly performed, and there may be some labs drawn for testing or perhaps some diagnostic imaging that will help the chiropractor determine if chiropractic treatment is the most appropriate course of treatment to help treat your your particular back pain.

Dr. Maryott Rocky Hill CTThere may be one or more manual adjustments that the treatment plan may require, Dr. Maryott will manually manipulate the joints with sudden yet controlled force, this will improve the range and quality of your movements.

The treatment plan may also include some nutritional counseling, exercise recommendations as well as rehabilitation. Our goal is to find what is causing the pain, treat the cause of pain, restore the function of the area or areas in question, prevent further injury and of course help to relieve the pain that you may be experiencing.

At Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center you can rest assured that the treatment provided by Dr. Maryott will fit your specific needs. Tailored treatment for you specific and unique complaints will be provided. We will explain in detail how and why the problem began. We will walk you through our detailed plan of treatment, how we will fix your condition as well as provide you with specific instructions on how to help us fix the situation and therefore treat the cause of pain.

If you are in pain, at Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center we will treat the cause of pain in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Do not wait any longer, call us up and begin proper treatment for your pain today.

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