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Why You Might Need To Have A Myofascial Massage

Why You Might Need To Have A Myofascial Massage

There is a certain type of pain that people feel around their large upper back muscles which can develop a very specific points. Doctors refer to this as the trigger points which are found throughout muscle tissue. If you have muscular irritation, as well as upper back pain, it may be there because of repetitive motions and the overall weakness of the muscles themselves.

Myofascial pain is typically felt as a type of aching or soreness that can result from simply having poor posture. This is why the large muscles in the shoulder area can be affected so easily. If you have ever been to a rehabilitation program before, they focus a lot on these areas to strengthen the muscles and stretch them.

There are other treatments that can be done by professionals like chiropractors. Let’s take a look at the treatments that are offered and how you can benefit from having this done.

What Is Myofascial Release?

Dr. Allen Maryott Rocky Hill - Shoulder ReliefA professional such as a chiropractor will be able to focus on these areas of your body in order to provide what is called a myofascial release. This is a hands-on technique that utilizes a gentle yet sustained type of pressure that will go into the connective tissues in order to restore motion and eliminate pain.

There are a couple of reasons that this procedure is done in this way and it has to do with what they call the essential time element. There is a viscous flow, as well as a piezoelectric phenomenon that occurs when gentle pressure is applied, allowing the fascia muscles to elongate, on the viscoelastic medium.

When Is This Type Of Treatment Typically Used?

This type of treatment can be very effective if people have recently been in some type of accident where trauma has occurred to the muscles. If there have been any inflammatory responses that have resulted due to heavy lifting, impact, or surgical procedures, this tensile pressure can be released using these hands-on treatments.

The effect will be different with each person simply because each individual has different genetics, prompting the muscles to be very different with each person. When you do a one-on-one therapy with a chiropractor, they can assess where the pain is, assess the muscle size and location of the myofascial problem, and can begin to work on releasing this pressure.

How Is The Treatment Applied

The treatment is actually applied using movement therapy, and various Dr. Allen Maryott Rocky Hill - Myofascial Treatmenttechniques, that can apply the pressure necessary to stimulate the release of pressure within the muscle itself. You will go through what is called a myofascial released treatment, one that can be administered with the use of the chiropractors hands using oil or creams, or through the use of devices and machinery.

This can help to pinpoint where the problem is, apply exact amounts of pressure, helping to accelerate the process of healing. The amount of myofascial release will depend upon the type of treatments that are offered by each clinic.

If you have been experiencing significant pain in your upper back muscles, or in areas of your body where myofascial pressure can build up, you can speak with a chiropractor that can help you with a massage therapy session that will target these trigger areas.

They will use the latest techniques, and wherever they detect myofascial muscles that are not elastic or pliable, they can then begin to resolve the issues that you are facing using the myofascial massage treatment that will be available at their office.

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