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Most Common Cause Of Low Back Pain

The Most Common Cause Of Low Back Pain

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More than ninety percent of incidents of low back pain are caused either by specific trauma or prolonged misuse. (In the remaining small percentage, low back pain is a symptom of some other disease process such as cancer, infection, autoimmune disease, etc. In these cases the low back pain is best understood as secondary to the primary problem which takes precedence. It is of course of vital importance to be able to identify these cases so that essential treatment can be provided.)

Traumatic injury to the back can be either accidental or intentional. A large number of lawyers make their living out of the fact that the distinction between accident and intention is a gray area in which negligence and legal responsibility play key roles.

Similar ambiguity is present in the idea of mis-, or over-, use. Is the problem due to ignorance or neglect? Also could an injury which appears to happen suddenly, such as straining your back shoveling snow, just as easily be seen as the painful culmination of too much time using improper shoveling technique (mis/over-use)? Certainly, especially if the problem recurs.

The good news is that by far the most common cause of low back pain is mis/over-use. The reason this is good news is that this kind of low back pain is by far the easiest to treat successfully.

All that is required is:

1.    identifying the specific structures of the back that are injured and/or overstressed,
2.    correcting the physical effect of the overuse and
3.    establishing proper movement habits.

We’ll handle these steps in the next three articles.

You can find out more by reading my next blog. Or you can find out first hand by making an appointment to see me. Mention this blog and your examination (not treatment) is free.

The Most Common Cause Of Low Back Pain

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