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Tennis Elbow and Chiropractic Treatment

Tennis Elbow and Chiropractic Treatment

Tennis elbow is term given to a condition of continued discomfort in the elbow and the forearm directly connected to the elbow.

The elbow has boy protrusion and a very important tendon called the lateral epicondyle. When this becomes inflamed, the pain is severe because of all the use applied to this area in your average day. You can’t reach for the phone without engaging this sensitive tendon and when you do you a begin to feel the effects of some symptoms.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

-Pain when lifting or bending the armTennis Elbow

-Sharp Pain when gripping, lifting and carrying

-Lack of mobility and difficulty extending the forearm

-Tenderness over the outside of the elbow

-Wrist weakness

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

As you can imagine “Tennis” elbow is caused by any rapid moment that ends with the wrist and knuckles resisting or absorbing this force. Playing regular tennis is one way to inflict this condition, but patients have also been subjected to this discomfort through playing golf, a variety of racquet sports and even while performing DIY maintenance and carpentry work.

The funny thing is that only 5% of tennis elbow sufferers have developed their affliction while playing tennis. But, there was a time when the tennis racket was a heavy device and the ball a ponderous projectile, the hospitals must have been strewn with tennis injuries at the time the term was first coined.  Today’s playing equipment is far more resilient and light.

Tennis Elbow Treatment from the Chiropractic Approach

The onset of this condition can go unnoticed until one jerky motion and snap, the tendon of your arm is injured. It will be important to allow plenty of time to heal after this point and apply ice daily for the first two or three days. After the injury has healed, a elbow brace and massage therapy can also aid in the recovery process.

Tennis Elbow InjuryThe most important thing to remember is that these injuries are sustained through a improper function of the entire arm, wrist and even the neck. Neck problems can increase the likelihood of developing a tennis elbow and if you were to resume your regular sport without correcting this adjustment, the next injury could be the last of its kind.

This is where chiropractor at the advent of the injury can do much to aid in the healing process and more importantly improve the underlying conditions that caused the injury.

Your chiropractor will make some important recommendations for treating your elbow during the crucial recovery phase. This will typically involve a certain amount of massage therapy that increase circulation the region.

As the recovery nears completion, you should also practice certain exercises that your chiropractor will recommend. By carefully following the instructions of your practitioner, you will consolidate the recovery and ensure that these injuries are not repeated further in your life.

How Do You Prevent Tennis Elbow?

This type of injury will typically happen at the beginning of the match if the elbow has not been properly warmed up. The can also happen at the end of the match when the fatigue is higher. It is always important to properly maintain the muscles to prevent these types of injury.

Another important part of injury prevention has to do with the equipment you use at work and play. If your office equipment or tennis gear is not right for your strength and posture, you leave yourself open to wide variety of joint and muscle conditions.

In Conclusion — if you have been experiencing neck pain and back pain, consider how it could be affecting the rest of your body.  At Rocky Hill Chiro, we know all about these conditions and how they are best prevented. For the health and safety of your family, contact us today and begin your path to wellness.

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