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Eastern VS Western Medicine

The Benefits of East Meets West Physical
Medicine With Dr. Allen Maryott

The East meets West physical medicine expertise that Dr. Allen Maryott implements at Rocky Hill Chiropractic Offices reflects in the holistic approach which is used to treat his patients. This entails placing the focus on the person with the issue, and not the pain, this is done regardless of the are which is being complained about.

By taking the focus off the pain and placing it on the patient the bigger picture can be seen, it is then a matter of providing treatment which will have positive effects that will be life enhancing to the patient. Patients are then able to meet the goals that will really better their health and life, goals such as increased comfort, flexibility and vitality.

In 1984 at the New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Allen Maryott received his Doctor of Chiropractic certificate, he is not only licensed in New York but also in Connecticut, he has been practicing in Rocky Hill, Connecticut since 1993. His years of experience have provided him with the ability of using these techniques in the best way to meet each individuals specific chiropractic needs.

A variety of manual techniques are used by Dr. Allen Maryott to treat his patients. These techniques include myofascial release, acupressure, the Graston technique as well as many other chiropractic adjustments which are more traditionally incorporated. In order to maximize the effectiveness of every in office treatment, Dr. Allen Maryott also provides his patients with home exercise instructions.

As a patient of Dr. Allen Maryott who implements the East meets West physical medicine knowledge to use what nature has given us you can rest assured the while receiving your treatment with Dr. Allen Maryott at Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center you will be guaranteed three things

  1. Your complaints will be treated thoroughly and specifically according to your own personal issue.
  2. You will be thoroughly explained the reasons your issue began as well as how it began.
  3. You will be provided with instructions on how to fix the condition you are dealing with.

From pinched nerves to pain in the neck and lower back, treatment will be provided accordingly to really target the underlying issue not just to relieve the pain. Pain is in fact the most common reason that people go to a chiropractor for treatment, pain that is so severe it prevents the individual from properly moving and completing tasks which want to or have to be done.

There are two ways in which an issue like this can be approached, the first is by viewing the pain as the core issue. This means that the more pain you feel, the more focus will be placed on finding the relief of the pain. This is something which Dr. Allen Maryott not only understands but also sympathizes with, this is a priority which is taken seriously, speeding up your pain relief is a very important part of the treatment process.

The second way to approach the issue with pain is to look for what is causing it and remedy the issue. This way of viewing it means that pain is not the issue, it is actually what is letting you know that there is an issue. That being said, it is easier to look at the situation from this perspective if you are not in excruciating pain. That is one of the many benefits of seeking chiropractic assistance from Dr. Allen Maryott is that the importance of correcting the issue or issues is never lost, even if the momentary focus is on the pain.
This East meets West physical medicine approach is what makes Dr. Allen Maryott your best choice to dealing with your condition. If you are in pain and eager to have it properly treated by someone who will  not only help relieve your pain but more importantly find what is causing the pain, than Dr. Allen Maryott is the top choice.

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