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Chi and Healing


Chi and Healing Is The
Foundation Of My Approach


Chi and healing approaches associated with life force and energy flow is the foundation of Oriental or Chinese medicine and is part of our philosophy here at Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center with Allen Maryott, D.C., licensed in both New York and Connecticut and who has been practicing in Rocky Hill, Connecticut since 1993.

There are significant differences between Western medicine and Oriental medicine and understanding these differences helps one to understand the significance of Chi and healing.  Western medicine has its emphasis on conventional approaches such as surgery or prescription medication.  It concentrates on the symptoms that an individual is having and not on the underlying causes of the symptoms.

It focuses on the parts of the body that are causing a person pain and discomfort and not on the individual’s body as a whole.  Alternative medicine, on the other hand, involves holistic approaches, such as chiropractic physical medicine, that focuses on the condition of a person’s body as a whole and not just the symptoms. The focus of alternative medicine is on restoring and maintaining one’s entire body to good health and not just on fixing certain parts of the body.

At Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center with Dr. Maryot, we celebrate holistic approaches to traditional medicine.  We believe in the Oriental view that health is living in harmony with nature, and one of the alternative practices we focus on is Chi and healing methods associated with the approach.

Chi, in Oriental medicine, is life force energy that is found in everything both physical and non-physical and is necessary to sustain human life and the life of all living beings on this planet Earth.  It is energy that surrounds our bodies, flows in our bodies and flows through our bodies.  It is, therefore, present in all of our organs and systems. We believe in the Oriental philosophy that when your body is ill, your life force energy is out of balance. This is a common problem in societies, such as North America, where life is busy and stressful. Your life force energy can get off-centered due to stress, anxiety, negativity, pessimism and much more.

Your Chi and healing must be restored and centered to bring you back to good health.  With alternative approaches, such as chiropractic physical medicine, your life force energy can be centered. Dr. Maryott incorporates manual techniques to restore your health. These include acupressure, traditional chiropractic adjustments, myofascial release as well as Graston technique.  He works with you to understand the mindset and approaches necessary to maintain the proper health that you and your body deserve.

Along with the techniques that Dr. Maryott is trained and specialized in, he provides his patients with instructions for home exercises designed to maximize the effectiveness of the in-office treatment received.

Chi and healing the body are intimately associated, and when we understand the importance of being in harmony with life force energy, we can improve our physical health. At Rocky Hill Chiropractic Center with Dr. Maryot, we never treat you like a passive patient.  We give you an active role in managing your health by helping you understand what your body is trying to tell you.

Our goal is to not only restore and improve your physical health, particularly your spinal health, but to help you maintain the health that your body deserves as a whole.  Our focus is on you as a person and not just on your pain. When we put our patients as the focus and treat their bodies as a whole, positive life enhancing goals, such as vitality and flexibility, are achieved.

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